Legislature(1995 - 1996)

04/17/1996 04:10 PM RES

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      SB 285 Discrete Salmon Stock Managmt & Assessment                      
  CHAIRMAN LEMAN  announced  SB 285  to be up for consideration.             
  SENATOR HALFORD  said they needed to come up with some changes for           
 the financing mechanism, but he thought that could be done in                 
 Finance.  He moved to pass SB 285 from committee with individual              
  CHAIRMAN LEMAN  objected to say that he thought the bill needed              
 substantial work.  He wanted to be consistent with our positions              
 before Congress regarding the Endangered Species Act and with                 
 Canada regarding the U.S.-Canada Salmon Treaty.   He also noted               
 that not all salmon spawn in rivers and this bill suggests that               
 they do.                                                                      
  SENATOR HOFFMAN  said he thought that sports fishermen benefit from          
 this fishery and there should be some fees associated with it.                
 SENATOR HALFORD  agreed and said they were looking at some ways to            
 do that.                                                                      
  SENATOR LINCOLN  said she thought this was a resource piece of               
 legislation and if there were any amendments, they should be made             
 in the Resources Committee.                                                   
  CHAIRMAN LEMAN  requested a roll call vote on the motion to move SB          
 285 out of committee.   SENATORS HALFORD, FRANK, PEARCE, AND HOFFMAN          
 voted yes;  SENATORS LINCOLN AND LEMAN  voted no; and so, the motion          

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