Legislature(2003 - 2004)

03/13/2003 03:50 PM STA

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             SB  65-CORRECTIONAL FACILITY EXPANSION                                                                         
CHAIR GARY STEVENS announced the  committee heard testimony on SB
65  previously  and he  would  appreciate  hearing new  testimony                                                               
MS. DEE  HUBBARD testified in  support of SB 65.  She recommended                                                               
adding the  word "public"  on page  2, line  1 between  "new" and                                                               
MR.  FRANK  SMITH  testified  SB   65  would  offer  more  Native                                                               
programming than SB 99.                                                                                                         
MR. LEONARD JONES asked members to  look at the continuum of care                                                               
at  Sutton  and  whether  or   not  the  programs  in  place  are                                                               
effective.  Cornell Companies  has provided  quality programs  in                                                               
the State of Alaska since 1998. He opposed SB 65.                                                                               
There was no further testimony on SB 65.                                                                                        
CHAIR GARY STEVENS asked for a motion.                                                                                          
SENATOR FRED  DYSON made a  motion to  move SB 65  from committee                                                               
with individual recommendations and attached fiscal note.                                                                       
There being no objection, it was so ordered.                                                                                    

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