Sec. 23.50.040. Regulations.

The attorney general may adopt regulations necessary to implement this chapter.

Sec. 23.50.099. Definitions.

In this chapter,

(1) "authorized third party" means a person authorized by the physicians to negotiate on their behalf with a health benefit plan under this chapter;

(2) "health benefit plan" means a health care insurer as defined in AS 21.54.500 , but does not include a self-insured health benefit plan.


Sec. 23.90.900. Definitions.

In this title,

(1) "commissioner" means the commissioner of labor and workforce development;

(2) "department" means the Department of Labor and Workforce Development;

(3) "wages" means, except for the purposes of construing AS 23.20 and AS 23.30

(A) the basic hourly rate of pay; and

(B) all other compensation to an employee for services performed, including revocable and irrevocable contributions made by an employer to a trustee or third party for the benefit of the employee and contributions which may be reasonably anticipated in providing benefits to employees under an enforceable agreement to provide medical care, compensation for death or injury, or other fringe benefits.

Chapter 24.05. IN GENERAL

Article 01. POWERS

Sec. 24.05.010. Legislative power.

The legislative power of the state is vested in the legislature of the State of Alaska and extends to all rightful subjects of legislation not inconsistent with or reserved by the constitution of the State of Alaska and the constitution and laws of the United States.


Sec. 24.05.020. Composition.

The legislature is composed of two houses: a senate consisting of 20 members and a house of representatives consisting of 40 members.

Sec. 24.05.030. Qualifications of members.

A member of the legislature shall be a qualified voter who has been a resident of the state for at least three years and of the district from which elected for at least one year immediately preceding filing for office. A senator shall be at least 25 years of age and a representative at least 21 years of age at the time of taking the oath of office.

Sec. 24.05.040. Dual office.

A member of the legislature may not hold any other office or position of profit under the United States or the state. During the term for which elected and for one year thereafter, a legislator may not be nominated, elected, or appointed to any other office or position of profit which has been created, or the salary or emoluments of which have been increased, while the legislator was a member. This section does not prevent any person from seeking or holding the office of governor, lieutenant governor, or member of Congress. This section does not apply to employment by or election to a constitutional convention. A member may serve on or at the behest of an interim committee of the legislature.

Sec. 24.05.050. Membership on boards and commissions.

A member of the legislature may serve on a board or commission of the state government only if the membership of legislators on the board or commission is specifically authorized by law.

Sec. 24.05.060. Disqualifications.

A person is not qualified for membership in the legislature who is disqualified to hold public office under the provisions of art. XII, Sec. 4, Constitution of the State of Alaska, and as it may be implemented by law. Each member of the legislature, before entering upon the duties of the office, shall take the oath of office prescribed in art. XII, Sec. 5, Constitution of the State of Alaska, and such further oath or affirmation prescribed by law for members of the legislature or other officers of the state.

Sec. 24.05.070. Election and expulsion.

Each member of the legislature shall be elected from the district and in conformity with the procedures established by the state constitution and the laws of the state. Each house is the judge of the election and qualifications of its members and may expel a member with the concurrence of two-thirds of its members.

Sec. 24.05.080. Terms.

The term of each member of the legislature begins on the second Monday in January following a presidential election year; however, following a gubernatorial election year, the term of each member begins on the third Tuesday in January. The term of representatives is two years, and the term of senators is four years. One-half of the senators shall be elected every two years.

Sec. 24.05.085. Resignation.

A member resigns by submitting a resignation in writing to the presiding officer of the house to which the member was elected or appointed, with information copies to the governor, the director of elections, and the executive director of the Legislative Affairs Agency for appropriate administrative action. The resignation is effective on the date specified in the resignation or, if no date is specified, 10 days after the date of mailing the resignation. The resignation may be withdrawn, in the same manner as it was submitted, at any time before it becomes effective.

Sec. 24.05.087. [Renumbered as AS 24.05.184 ].

Repealed or Renumbered


Sec. 24.05.090. Duration of legislature; sessions.

The legislature shall convene at the capital each year on the third Tuesday in January at 1:00 p.m. Each legislature has a duration of two years and consists of a "First Regular Session" that meets in the odd-numbered years, and a "Second Regular Session" that meets in the even-numbered years, and any special session that the governor or legislature calls.