5 AAC 77.545. Kachemak Bay Personal Use Dip Net Fishery Management Plan

(a) In China Poot Creek, upstream from ADF&G regulatory markers, sockeye salmon may be taken by dip net from July 1 through August 7, with a bag and possession limit of six fish. King, pink, chum, and coho salmon may not be retained or possessed. All king, pink, chum, and coho salmon caught must be released immediately and returned to the water unharmed.

(b) A person may not possess salmon taken under this section unless both tips (lobes) of the tail fin have been completely removed from the salmon before the person conceals the salmon from plain view or transports the salmon from the

(1) shoreline or streambank adjacent to waters open to personal use fishing where the salmon were removed from the water when fishing from shore; or

(2) waters open to personal use fishing when fishing from a boat.

History: Eff. 6/20/82, Register 82; am 4/16/83, Register 86; am 5/11/85, Register 94; am 3/29/87, Register 101; am 6/10/89, Register 110; em am 5/22/91 - 5/30/91, Register 118 [not printed]; am 7/21/91, Register 119; am 4/7/93, Register 126; am 5/6/94, Register 130; am 6/7/95, Register 135; am 6/15/95, Register 134; am 2/24/96, Register 137; am 5/31/96, Register 138; am 10/18/96, Register 140; am 3/5/99, Register 149; am 3/8/2002, Register 161; am 3/22/2014, Register 209

Authority: AS 16.05.251

Editor's note: As of Register 138 (July 1996), a portion of the substance of 5 AAC 77.545 appears in 5 AAC 77.540.