7 AAC 27.011. Reporting of cancer and brain tumors

(a) A hospital, physician, surgeon, or other health care facility or health care provider diagnosing, screening, or providing treatment for a cancer patient in this state shall report the information specified in (b) of this section to the division, within six months of the date of diagnosis, screening, or treatment.

(b) The following must be provided for each form of in-situ and invasive cancer, with the exception of basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin and in-situ carcinoma of the cervix uteri, and must be provided for each brain-related tumor, whether malignant or benign, occurring in the brain, the meninges, the spinal cord, the cauda equina, a cranial nerve, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, the craniopharyngeal duct, or any other part of the central nervous system:

(1) information about the patient, including as a minimum, name, date of birth, sex, race, ethnicity, community of residence, date of diagnosis, primary site, and name of attending or admitting health care provider;

(2) pathological data characterizing the cancer, including the cancer site, stage of disease, and type of treatment.

History: Eff. 1/19/96, Register 137; am 2/10/99, Register 149; am 2/21/2004, Register 170; readopt 12/29/2006, Register 180

Authority: AS 18.05.030

AS 18.05.040

AS 18.05.042

AS 18.15.370

Editor's note: Effective 12/29/2006, Register 180, the Department of Health and Social Services readopted 7 AAC 27.011 without change, to affirm the validity of that section under current statutory authority.