History: Eff. 11/19/83, Register 88; repealed 9/6/96, Register 139

7 AAC 12.531. Agency policies and procedures

(a) A home health agency shall establish, implement, and make available to all personnel, written policies and procedures appropriate to the services offered by the agency. These policies and procedures must be reviewed at least annually and revised as necessary.

(b) A home health agency shall establish policies and procedures covering

(1) the scope of services and geographic service area;

(2) conditions for acceptance, transfer, discharge, and continuing care of patients;

(3) treatments and procedures performed in the home by each of the services;

(4) infection control policies and practices;

(5) coordination of services;

(6) clinical records;

(7) patient teaching;

(8) intravenous infusion and aseptic technique;

(9) patient safety assessment;

(10) emergency care;

(11) personnel qualifications, responsibilities, and job descriptions;

(12) program evaluation;

(13) the administration, supervision, coordination, and evaluation of services provided through subunits and branch offices of the agency;

(14) patient care equipment and preventive maintenance;

(15) the process for investigation, documentation, and resolution of a complaint made by a patient or the patient's family or guardian;

(16) an advance declaration relating to the use of life-sustaining procedures; and

(17) abuse, neglect, or mistreatment.

History: Eff. 9/6/96, Register 139

Authority: AS 18.05.040

7 AAC 12.534. Patients' rights

(a) The governing body of a home health agency shall protect and promote the rights of its home health patients, by assuring that

(1) before services are provided, the patient and the patient's family are informed orally and in writing, in a language the patient and family understand, of the rights and obligations of the agency and the patient; the agency shall document the patient's and the patient's family's receipt of these rights and obligations; and

(2) appropriate and professional quality home health care services are provided without discrimination based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference, age, or diagnosis, but an agency may limit its practice to the provision of care or services for patients with a specific disease or diagnosis without violating this paragraph.

(b) A patient receiving home health services has the right to

(1) courteous and respectful treatment of person and property;

(2) be free from physical and mental abuse, neglect, or mistreatment;

(3) receive care or services from employees or contractors properly trained to perform assigned tasks, and to be given proper identification by name and title of an employee or contractor who provides home health care to that patient;

(4) be given the following information in advance of care or services:

(A) the care and services to be provided;

(B) any changes in the care to be provided;

(C) the type of services to be provided;

(D) the frequency of proposed visits for care or services;

(E) the agency's expectation of the patient's responsibilities to participate in the patient's own care; and

(F) the name of the person supervising the care and how to contact that person;

(5) confidentiality with regard to information about the patient's health, social, and financial circumstances and about activities at the patient's home;

(6) expect that the patient's medical history be released only as required by law or authorized by the patient or the patient's legal representative;

(7) access information in the patient's medical record upon written request within two working days of the agency;

(8) be informed, orally and in writing, before a service is initiated, of the expected source of payment for the care or services;

(9) raise a grievance about the service or lack of service provided by the agency, its employees, or its contractors;

(10) be informed of the reason for impending discharge, transfer to another agency, change in the level of care, ongoing care requirements, and other available services and options, if needed; and

(11) participate in development of the patient's plan of care and changes in care or treatment.

History: Eff. 9/6/96, Register 139

Authority: AS 18.05.040

7 AAC 12.535. Drugs


History: Eff. 11/19/83, Register 88; repealed 9/6/96, Register 139

7 AAC 12.537. Advance directives

(a) Before initiating care or services, a home health agency must provide each patient, 18 years of age or older, or their legal representatives, with forms and information on

(1) the right of the individual to make health care decisions, including the right to

(A) accept or refuse medical or surgical treatment; and

(B) execute an advance directive and power of attorney for health care;

(2) the policies of the home health agency with respect to the implementation of the rights of the individual to make health care decisions;

(3) living wills and do-not-resuscitate orders;

(4) persons who can provide additional information concerning advance directives and powers of attorney for health care.

(b) A home health agency may not condition the provision of care or otherwise discriminate against a patient based on whether the patient has executed an advance directive. If the agency cannot comply with a patient's advance directive as a matter of conscience, the agency must assist the patient in transferring to an agency that will comply.

History: Eff. 9/6/96, Register 139

Authority: AS 18.05.040

7 AAC 12.540. Therapeutic treatment


History: Eff. 11/19/83, Register 88; repealed 9/6/96, Register 139