Sec. 43.90.440. Licensed project assurances.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the state grants a licensee assurances that the licensee has exclusive enjoyment of the inducements provided under this chapter before the commencement of commercial operations. If, before the commencement of commercial operations, the state extends to another person preferential royalty or tax treatment or grant of state money for the purpose of facilitating the construction of a competing natural gas pipeline project in this state, and if the licensee is in compliance with the requirements of the license and with the requirements of state and federal statutes and regulations relevant to the project, the licensee is entitled to payment from the state of an amount equal to three times the total amount of the expenditures incurred and paid by the licensee that are qualified expenditures for the purposes of AS 43.90.110 that the licensee incurred in developing the licensee's project before the date that the state first extended preferential treatment to another person. The payment under this subsection is subject to appropriation. Upon payment by the state of the amount owed under this section, the licensee shall, at no additional cost to the state, assign to the state or the state's designee all engineering designs, contracts, permits, and other data related to the project that were acquired by the licensee during the term of the license. The payment under this subsection is in full satisfaction of all claims the licensee may bring in contract, tort, or other law related to the events that gave rise to the payment.

(b) The review, processing, or facilitation of a permit, right-of-way, or authorization by a state agency in connection with a competing natural gas pipeline project does not create an obligation on the part of the state under this section.

(c) In this section,

(1) "competing natural gas pipeline project" means a project designed to accommodate throughput of more than 500,000,000 cubic feet a day of North Slope gas to market;

(2) "preferential royalty or tax treatment" does not include

(A) the state's exercise of its right to resolve disputes involving royalties and taxes; or

(B) the state's exercise of its right to modify royalties as authorized by law in effect on June 8, 2007.

Sec. 43.90.450. Assignments.

(a) A licensee may transfer all or part of the license, including the rights and obligations arising under the license, if, after publishing notice of the proposed transfer, providing notice to the presiding officer of each house of the legislature, and providing a period of not less than 30 days for public review and comment,

(1) the transfer is approved in writing in advance by the commissioners; and

(2) the transfer does not increase or diminish the obligations created by the license or diminish the likelihood of success of the project or the net present value of the license to the state.

(b) Notwithstanding the commissioners' approval of a transfer of all or part of a license under (a) of this section, the transferor of the license remains subject to the requirements of AS 43.90.220 regarding all state money received by the licensee before the effective date of the transfer.

(c) A person may transfer that person's rights to the royalty inducement under AS 43.90.310 and the gas production tax exemption under AS 43.90.320 only in connection with a sale or merger that results in transfer of all the person's assets in the North Slope along with the person's firm transportation capacity contracts in the project.

(d) Except for the transfer of a voucher to a producer under AS 43.90.330(b), a person receiving a voucher under AS 43.90.330 based on the person's acquisition of firm transportation capacity in the first binding open season of the project may transfer the voucher only if the transfer is in connection with the permanent assignment by the person of 100 percent of the firm transportation capacity acquired in the first binding open season of the project.

Sec. 43.90.460. Conflicting laws.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to repeal or abrogate the administrative, regulatory, or statutory procedures and functions of state and federal law governing the development and oversight of a project.

Sec. 43.90.470. State pipeline employment development.

The commissioner of labor and workforce development shall develop a job training program that will provide training for Alaskans in gas pipeline project management, construction, operations, maintenance, and other gas pipeline-related positions.


Sec. 43.90.900. Definitions.

In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires,

(1) "affiliate" means another person that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with a person, and includes a division that operates as a functional unit;

(2) "Alaska Gasline Inducement Act coordinator" or "coordinator" means the person appointed under AS 43.90.250 ;

(3) "applicant" means a person or group of persons that files an application for a license;

(4) "certificate of public convenience and necessity" and "certificate" mean a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or the Regulatory Commission of Alaska and an amendment to a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under 15 U.S.C. 719 et seq. (Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976);

(5) "commencement of commercial operations" means the first flow of gas in the project that generates revenue to the owners;

(6) "commissioners" means the commissioner of revenue and the commissioner of natural resources, acting jointly;

(7) "control" means the possession of ownership interest or authority sufficient to, directly or indirectly, and whether acting alone or in conjunction with others, direct or cause the direction of the management or policies of a company, and is rebuttably presumed if the voting interest held is 10 percent or more;

(8) "equity holder" means the

(A) stockholders of a corporation;

(B) members of a limited liability company;

(C) partners of a partnership;

(D) joint venturers of a joint venture;

(E) members of a governmental authority and similar persons; or

(F) holders of any other entity or person;

(9) "gas treatment plant" means a facility downstream of the point of production that conditions gas and removes nonhydrocarbon substances from the gas for the purpose of rendering the gas acceptable for tender and acceptance into a gas pipeline system;

(10) "governing body" means a corporation's board of directors, a limited liability company's managing members, a partnership's general partners, a joint venturer's joint venturers, a governmental authority's board or council members, and similar entities;

(11) "lease" means an oil and gas, or gas, lease issued by this state;

(12) "lessee" means a person that holds a working interest in an oil and gas, or gas, lease issued by this state;

(13) "license" means a license issued under this chapter;

(14) "licensee" means the holder of a license issued under this chapter and all affiliates, successors, assigns, and agents of the holder;

(15) "net present value" means the discounted value of a future stream of cash flow;

(16) "North Slope" means that part of the state that lies north of 68 degrees North latitude;

(17) "open season" means the process that complies with 18 C.F.R. Part 157, Subpart B (Open Seasons for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects) or a similar process for soliciting commitments for pipeline capacity under the regulations, policies, rules, or precedent of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska;

(18) "point of production" has the meaning given in AS 43.55.900 ;

(19) "project" means a natural gas pipeline project authorized under a license issued under this chapter;

(20) "proprietary," when used to describe information, means that the information is treated by an applicant as confidential and the public disclosure of that information would adversely affect the competitive position of the applicant or materially diminish the commercial value of the information to the applicant;

(21) "recourse rates" means cost-based rates with a minimum and maximum range that are approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, or the National Energy Board of Canada, as appropriate, and set out in the pipeline's tariff; "recourse rates" includes only those rates that the pipeline must make available to all shippers;

(22) "sanction" means to make financial commitments to go forward with the project as evidenced by entering into financial commitments of at least $1,000,000,000 with third parties;

(23) "trade secret" has the meaning given in AS 45.50.940 ;

(24) "under common control with" has the meaning given "control" in this section;

(25) "unit agreement" means an agreement executed by the working interest owners and royalty owners creating the unit.

Sec. 43.90.990. Short title.

This chapter may be cited as the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act.


Sec. 43.98.015. Taxation under P.L. 92-203.

(a) The receipt of the original issue of shares of stock in a corporation organized under Alaska law pursuant to 43 U.S.C. 1601 et seq. (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) by or on behalf of a Native (as defined in the federal Act) is not subject to any form of state or local taxation.

(b) The receipt of land or an interest in it under the federal Act or of cash in order to equalize the values of property exchanged under 43 U.S.C. 1621(f) or AS 38.50 is not subject to any form of state or local taxation. The basis for computing gain or loss on subsequent sale or other disposition of this land or interest in land for purposes of a state or local tax imposed on or measured by income is the fair value of the land or interest in land at the time of receipt.

(c) A real property interest conveyed under the federal Act, AS 38.50, or AS 38.95.050 , including land received in an exchange under Sec. 22(f) of the federal Act or AS 38.50, to a Native individual or corporation incorporated under Alaska law pursuant to the federal Act, which interest is not developed or leased to third parties, is exempt from state and local real property taxes and local assessments until December 18, 1991. However, municipal taxes, local real property taxes, or local assessments may, under the laws of the state, be imposed upon leased or developed real property within the jurisdiction of any governmental unit organized under the laws of the state. Easements, rights-of-way, leaseholds, and similar interests in real property may be taxed in accordance with state or local law. All rents, royalties, profits, and other revenues or proceeds derived from property interests are taxable to the same extent as these revenues or proceeds are taxable when received by a non-native individual or corporation. In Sec. 21(d) of the federal Act, the exemption of real property interests from local real property taxes includes exemption from local assessments and extends to land received in an exchange under Sec. 22(f) of the federal Act or AS 38.50.

(d) Use of the terms "corporate funds" and "dividends", in Sec. 7(j) and (m) of the federal Act, does not determine whether the money is a dividend, distribution to shareholders, funds which are property, surplus or capital of a regional corporation for the purposes of this title or AS 10.06 or other applicable state law, the provisions of Sec. 8, ch 70, SLA 1972 notwithstanding.

Sec. 43.98.025. Tire fees.

(a) A fee of $2.50 a tire is imposed on the retail sale of new tires for motor vehicles designed for use on a highway.

(b) In addition to the fee imposed under (a) of this section, a fee of $5 a tire is imposed on the retail sale in the state on or after July 1, 2004, of tires for motor vehicles designed for use on a highway that are studded with metal studs or spikes weighing more than 1.1 grams each embedded in the periphery of the tire surface and protruding beyond the tread surface of the tire, or on the installation in the state on or after July 1, 2004, for a fee of metal studs or spikes weighing more than 1.1 grams each on a tire for a motor vehicle designed for use on a highway.

(c) A seller shall add the amount of the fees imposed by this section to the total price of the tire or service subject to the fees, and the fees shall be stated separately on any sales receipt, invoice, or other record of the sale or other transfer or of the installation of studs. That portion of the total price of the tire or service consisting of the fees imposed by this section is not subject to a sales tax or a use tax imposed by the state or a subdivision of the state.

(d) A seller shall collect the fees from the purchaser. A seller shall file a return on a form prescribed by the department and remit the fees collected to the department not later than 30 days following the last day of the calendar quarter of the sale or installation.

(e) A seller remitting the fees collected under this section to the department within 30 days after the last day of the preceding calendar quarter may retain five percent of the amount collected, not to exceed $900 a quarter, to cover expenses associated with collecting and remitting the fees.

(f) The provisions of AS 43.05 and AS 43.10 apply to this section.

(g) The fees imposed in this section do not apply to the following tires and services if the purchaser provides the seller with a certificate of use on a form prescribed by the department:

(1) tires or services sold to federal, state, or local government agencies for official use; or

(2) tires for resale.

(h) In this section,

(1) "highway" has the meaning given in AS 28.90.990 ;

(2) "motor vehicle" has the meaning given in AS 28.90.990 ;

(3) "seller" means a seller of tires or a person who installs studs on motor vehicle tires for a fee.

Sec. 43.98.030. Film production tax credit.

(a) In cooperation with the film office in the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, the department shall provide a transferable film production tax credit to a producer, as defined in AS 44.33.239 , for qualified production expenditures under AS 44.33.231 - 44.33.239.

(b) A tax credit provided under (a) of this section may be sold, assigned, exchanged, conveyed, or otherwise transferred in whole or in part.

(c) A taxpayer acquiring a transferable credit may use the credit or a portion of the credit to offset taxes imposed under AS 43.20 (Alaska Net Income Tax Act). Any portion of the credit not used may be used at a later period or transferred under (b) of this section.

(d) The department shall adopt regulations necessary for the administration of this section.

(e) A credit provided under (a) of this section, whether sold, assigned, exchanged, conveyed, or otherwise transferred, in whole or in part, must be used within three years after being provided by the department.

(f) The number of tax credits provided in the aggregate under this section may not exceed $100,000,000.


Sec. 43.99.010. Accounts to be kept by persons subject to tax.

A person subject to a tax shall keep in permanent form at the person's principal place of business or occupation within the state correct accounts in a manner that will readily disclose, upon examination, the amount of tax due the state. The department may adopt regulations for the making and keeping of these records.

Sec. 43.99.950. Definitions.

Except in AS 43.70, in this title,

(1) "commissioner" means the commissioner of revenue; and

(2) "department" means the Department of Revenue.


Sec. 44.03.010. Offshore water and land.

The jurisdiction of the state extends to water offshore from the coast of the state as follows:

(1) the marginal sea to its outermost limits as those limits are from time to time defined or recognized by the United States of America by international treaty or otherwise;

(2) the high seas to the extent that jurisdiction is claimed by the United States of America, or to the extent recognized by the usages and customs of international law or by agreement to which the United States of America or the state is a party;

(3) submerged land including the subsurface of submerged land, lying under the water mentioned in this section.

Sec. 44.03.020. Ownership of water and submerged land.

The ownership of the water and submerged land described in AS 44.03.010 is in the state unless ownership of a parcel or area is held by a person or entity by a valid and effective instrument of conveyance or by operation of law.

Sec. 44.03.030. Construction of chapter.

This chapter does not limit or restrict

(1) the jurisdiction of the state over a person or subject inside or outside the state that is exercisable by reason of citizenship, residence, or another reason recognized by law;

(2) jurisdiction over or ownership of other water or land under other water inside or forming part of the boundaries of the state;

(3) legislative jurisdiction of the United States over an area to which legislative jurisdiction is ceded by the state and which remains in the ownership of the United States.

Sec. 44.03.040. Reconciliation with other statutes.

This chapter does not alter the geographic area to which a statute of the state applies if the statute specifies the area precisely in miles or by another numerical designation of distance or position. Nothing in the statute or in this chapter is a waiver or relinquishment of jurisdiction over or ownership by the state of an area to which jurisdiction or ownership extends under another provision or rule of law.