Article 01. INITIATIVE

Sec. 15.45.010. Provision and scope for use of the initiative.

The law-making powers assigned to the legislature may be exercised by the people through the initiative. However, an initiative may not be proposed to dedicate revenue, to make or repeal appropriations, to create courts, to define the jurisdiction of courts or prescribe their rules, or to enact local or special legislation.

Sec. 15.45.020. Filing application.

An initiative is proposed by filing an application with the lieutenant governor. A deposit of $100 must accompany the application. This deposit shall be retained if a petition is not properly filed. If a petition is properly filed, the deposit shall be refunded.

Sec. 15.45.030. Form of application.

The application must include the

(1) proposed bill;

(2) printed name, the signature, the address, and a numerical identifier of not fewer than 100 qualified voters who will serve as sponsors; each signature page must include a statement that the sponsors are qualified voters who signed the application with the proposed bill attached; and

(3) designation of an initiative committee consisting of three of the sponsors who subscribed to the application and represent all sponsors and subscribers in matters relating to the initiative; the designation must include the name, mailing address, and signature of each committee member.

Sec. 15.45.040. Form of proposed bill.

The proposed bill shall be in the following form:

(1) the bill shall be confined to one subject;

(2) the subject of the bill shall be expressed in the title;

(3) the enacting clause of the bill shall be: "Be it enacted by the People of the State of Alaska;"

(4) the bill may not include subjects restricted by AS 15.45.010 .

Sec. 15.45.050. Manner of notice.

Notice to the initiative committee on any matter pertaining to the application and petition may be served on any member of the committee in person or by mail addressed to a committee member as indicated on the application.

Sec. 15.45.060. Designation of sponsors.

The qualified voters who subscribe to the application in support of the proposed bill are designated as sponsors. The initiative committee may designate additional sponsors by giving written notice to the lieutenant governor of the names, addresses, and numerical identifiers of those so designated.

Sec. 15.45.070. Review of application for certification.

Within 60 calendar days after the date the application is received, the lieutenant governor shall review the application and shall either certify it or notify the initiative committee of the grounds for denial.

Sec. 15.45.080. Bases of denial of certification.

The lieutenant governor shall deny certification upon determining in writing that

(1) the proposed bill to be initiated is not confined to one subject or is otherwise not in the required form;

(2) the application is not substantially in the required form; or

(3) there is an insufficient number of qualified sponsors.

Sec. 15.45.090. Preparation of petition.

(a) If the application is certified, the lieutenant governor shall prepare a sufficient number of sequentially numbered petitions to allow full circulation throughout the state. Each petition must contain

(1) a copy of the proposed bill;

(2) an impartial summary of the subject matter of the bill;

(3) a statement of minimum costs to the state associated with certification of the initiative application and review of the initiative petition, excluding legal costs to the state and the costs to the state of any challenge to the validity of the petition;

(4) an estimate of the cost to the state of implementing the proposed law;

(5) the statement of warning prescribed in AS 15.45.100 ;

(6) sufficient space for the printed name, a numerical identifier, the signature, the date of signature, and the address of each person signing the petition; and

(7) other specifications prescribed by the lieutenant governor to ensure proper handling and control.

(b) Upon request of the initiative committee, the lieutenant governor shall report to the committee the number of persons who voted in the preceding general election.

Sec. 15.45.100. Statement of warning.

Each petition shall include a statement of warning that a person who signs a name other than the person's own on the petition, or who knowingly signs more than once for the same proposition at one election, or who signs the petition when knowingly not a qualified voter, is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

Sec. 15.45.105. Qualifications of circulator.

To circulate a petition booklet, a person shall be

(1) a citizen of the United States;

(2) 18 years of age or older; and

(3) a resident of the state as determined under AS 15.05.020 .

Sec. 15.45.110. Circulation of petition; prohibitions and penalty.

(a) The petitions may be circulated throughout the state only in person.

(b) [Repealed, Sec. 92 ch 82 SLA 2000].

(c) A circulator may not receive payment or agree to receive payment that is greater than $1 a signature, and a person or an organization may not pay or agree to pay an amount that is greater than $1 a signature, for the collection of signatures on a petition.

(d) A person or organization may not knowingly pay, offer to pay, or cause to be paid money or other valuable thing to a person to sign or refrain from signing a petition.

(e) A person or organization that violates (c) or (d) of this section is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

(f) In this section,

(1) "organization" has the meaning given in AS 11.81.900 ;

(2) "other valuable thing" has the meaning given in AS 15.56.030 (d);

(3) "person" has the meaning given in AS 11.81.900 .

Sec. 15.45.120. Manner of signing and withdrawing name from petition.

Any qualified voter may subscribe to the petition by printing the voter's name, a numerical identifier, and an address, by signing the voter's name, and by dating the signature. A person who has signed the initiative petition may withdraw the person's name only by giving written notice to the lieutenant governor before the date the petition is filed.

Sec. 15.45.130. Certification of circulator.

Before being filed, each petition shall be certified by an affidavit by the person who personally circulated the petition. In determining the sufficiency of the petition, the lieutenant governor may not count subscriptions on petitions not properly certified at the time of filing or corrected before the subscriptions are counted. The affidavit must state in substance

(1) that the person signing the affidavit meets the residency, age, and citizenship qualifications for circulating a petition under AS 15.45.105;

(2) that the person is the only circulator of that petition;

(3) that the signatures were made in the circulator's actual presence;

(4) that, to the best of the circulator's knowledge, the signatures are the signatures of the persons whose names they purport to be;

(5) that, to the best of the circulator's knowledge, the signatures are of persons who were qualified voters on the date of signature;

(6) that the circulator has not entered into an agreement with a person or organization in violation of AS 15.45.110 (c);

(7) that the circulator has not violated AS 15.45.110 (d) with respect to that petition; and

(8) whether the circulator has received payment or agreed to receive payment for the collection of signatures on the petition, and, if so, the name of each person or organization that has paid or agreed to pay the circulator for collection of signatures on the petition.

Sec. 15.45.140. Filing of petition.

(a) The sponsors must file the initiative petition within one year from the time the sponsors received notice from the lieutenant governor that the petitions were ready for delivery to them. The petition may be filed with the lieutenant governor only if it meets all of the following requirements: it is signed by qualified voters

(1) equal in number to 10 percent of those who voted in the preceding general election;

(2) resident in at least three-fourths of the house districts of the state; and

(3) who, in each of the house districts described in (2) of this subsection, are equal in number to at least seven percent of those who voted in the preceding general election in the house district.

(b) If the petition is not filed within the one-year period provided for in (a) of this section, the petition has no force or effect.

Sec. 15.45.150. Review of petition.

Within not more than 60 days of the date the petition was filed, the lieutenant governor shall review the petition and shall notify the initiative committee whether the petition was properly or improperly filed, and at which election the proposition shall be placed on the ballot.

Sec. 15.45.160. Bases for determining the petition was improperly filed.

The lieutenant governor shall notify the committee that the petition was improperly filed upon determining that

(1) there is an insufficient number of qualified subscribers;

(2) the subscribers were not resident in at least three-fourths of the house districts of the state; or

(3) there is an insufficient number of qualified subscribers from each of the house districts described in (2) of this section.

Sec. 15.45.170. Submission of supplementary petition. [Repealed, Sec. 7 ch 80 SLA 1998].

Repealed or Renumbered