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28th Legislature(2013-2014)

Bill Text 28th Legislature

00 Enrolled HB 231                                                                                                         
01 Eliminating the Department of Revenue's duty to register cattle brands.                                                 
02                           _______________                                                                               
03    * Section 1. AS 44.25.020 is amended to read:                                                                      
04            Sec. 44.25.020. Duties of department. The Department of Revenue shall                                      
05                 (1)  enforce the tax laws of the state;                                                                 
06                 (2)  collect, account for, have custody of, invest, and manage all state                                
07       funds and all revenues of the state except revenues incidental to a program of licensing                          
08       and regulation carried on by another state department, funds managed and invested by                              
09       the Alaska Retirement Management Board, and as otherwise provided by law;                                         
10                 (3)  [REGISTER CATTLE BRANDS;                                                                           
11                 (4)]  invest and manage the balance of the power development fund in                                    
12       accordance with AS 44.83.386;                                                                                     
13                 (4) [(5)  REPEALED                                                                                
14                 (6)]  administer the surety bond program for licensure as a fish                                        
15       processor or primary fish buyer.                                                                                  
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