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21st Legislature(1999-2000)

Bill Text 21st Legislature

00 HOUSE BILL NO. 270                                                                                                    
01 "An Act relating to sexual assault and sexual abuse and to payment for certain                                          
02 medical costs and examinations in cases of alleged sexual assault or sexual abuse."                                     
03 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                               
04    * Section 1.  AS 18.68 is amended by adding new sections to read:                                                  
05 Sec. 18.68.040.  Costs of examination and certain medical care to be borne
06 by law enforcement agency.  A law enforcement agency or other authority that is                                        
07 investigating a sexual assault that is alleged or suspected to have occurred within its                                 
08 jurisdiction is responsible for the costs of testing for sexually transmitted diseases,                                 
09 emergency contraception, and examination of the victim necessary for                                                    
10             (1)  collecting evidence using the sexual assault examination kit under                                              
11 AS 18.68.010 or otherwise; or                                                                                           
12             (2)  determining whether a sexual assault has occurred.                                                              
13            Sec. 18.68.100.  Definition.  In this chapter, "sexual assault" has the meaning                                     
14 given in AS 18.66.990.                                                                                                  
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