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25th Legislature(2007-2008)

Bill Text 25th Legislature

00                             HOUSE BILL NO. 3001                                                                         
01 "An Act approving issuance of a license by the commissioner of revenue and the                                          
02 commissioner of natural resources to TransCanada Alaska Company, LLC and                                                
03 Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd., jointly as licensee, under the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act;                                
04 and providing for an effective date."                                                                                   
05 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF ALASKA:                                                                
06    * Section 1. The uncodified law of the State of Alaska is amended by adding a new section                          
07 to read:                                                                                                                
08       APPROVAL OF ISSUANCE OF LICENSE UNDER THE ALASKA GASLINE                                                          
09 INDUCEMENT ACT. The commissioner of revenue and the commissioner of natural                                             
10 resources are authorized to issue a license under AS 43.90.010 - 43.90.990 to TransCanada                               
11 Alaska Company, LLC and Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd., jointly as licensee.                                                 
12    * Sec. 2. This Act takes effect immediately under AS 01.10.070(c).                                                 
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