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28th Legislature(2013-2014)

Bill Text 28th Legislature

00 Enrolled HR 8                                                                                                           
01 Establishing the Task Force on Sustainable Education in the House of Representatives.                                   
02                                         _______________                                                                 
03 BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES:                                                                       
04      WHEREAS state education funding support for public education in grades                                           
05 kindergarten through 12 is increasing at a significant rate and real dollar value; and                                  
06      WHEREAS state revenue, including revenue paid for education, is almost entirely                                  
07 dependent on revenue generated by oil production on state-owned land; and                                               
08      WHEREAS production of oil on state-owned land is forecast to continue to decline;                                
09 and                                                                                                                     
10      WHEREAS implementation of new education standards influences capital and                                         
11 operational costs for public education funding; and                                                                     
12      WHEREAS local school districts achieve varying levels of success, as indicated by                                
13 drop-out and graduation rates; and                                                                                      
14      WHEREAS the public school funding formula under AS 14.17 may mask the effect                                     
15 of energy, health care, pupil transportation, and other inflationary factors that erode the                             
16 amount of instructional dollars available to classrooms; and                                                            
17      WHEREAS continued increases in public school funding under AS 14.17 restrict the                                 
01 flexibility of both the legislature and local school districts to respond to changing funding                           
02 needs for public schools in the state;                                                                                  
03      BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives that the Task Force on                                            
04 Sustainable Education is established in the House of Representatives for the purpose of                                 
05 examining the efficiency and effectiveness of public education delivery in the state, including                         
06           (1)  the ability of the state's public schools to prepare students for various                                
07 rewarding careers; and                                                                                                  
08           (2)  all aspects of public education funding in the state; and be it                                          
09      FURTHER RESOLVED that the duties of the task force include                                                       
10           (1)  performing an analysis of public education funding that includes                                         
11                (A)  a determination of the adequacy of public school funding provided                                   
12      under AS 14.17.410 for coverage of appropriate education expenses;                                                 
13                (B)  a determination of the appropriate uses of the base student                                         
14      allocation;                                                                                                        
15                (C)  alternative methods of addressing fluctuating energy, health,                                       
16      insurance, personnel, and pupil transportation costs;                                                              
17                (D)  a calculation of the total amounts of state, local, and federal                                     
18      funding available to each district and for each category of special needs service area;                            
19                (E)  a comparison of the allocation of administrative and instructional                                  
20      personnel among districts;                                                                                         
21                (F)  a determination as to whether the allocation of administrative and                                  
22      instructional personnel affects the ability of each district to provide effective                                  
23      instructional services;                                                                                            
24                (G)  a calculation of the effect of pension and health care expenses on                                  
25      total education costs;                                                                                             
26           (2)  evaluating the availability of courses that meet core academic curriculum                                
27 requirements under AS 14.43.820(a)(3) in each district; and                                                             
28           (3)  submitting to the governor, the Department of Education and Early                                        
29 Development, and the legislature, by January 1, 2014, a report of findings and                                          
30 recommendations of the task force and submitting additional reports the task force considers                            
31 advisable; and be it                                                                                                    
01      FURTHER RESOLVED that the task force may meet between and during legislative                                     
02 sessions; and be it                                                                                                     
03      FURTHER RESOLVED that the task force consists of                                                                 
04           (1)  the chairs of the House Education Committee and the House Finance                                        
05 Subcommittee on Education and Early Development, who shall serve as cochairs of the task                                
06 force;                                                                                                                  
07           (2)  members appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives in                                      
08 consultation with the cochairs of the task force, as follows:                                                           
09                (A)  one member representing a regional Native corporation organized                                     
10      under 43 U.S.C. 1602(m) (Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act) or the Alaska                                        
11      Federation of Natives;                                                                                             
12                (B)  two educators;                                                                                      
13                (C)  one member who is a cochair of the special committee having                                         
14      jurisdiction over energy in the House of Representatives;                                                          
15                (D)  two businesspersons; and be it                                                                      
16      FURTHER RESOLVED that                                                                                            
17           (1)  a majority of the members of the task force constitutes a quorum; a                                      
18 vacancy on the task force shall be filled in the same manner as the original selection or                               
19 appointment;                                                                                                            
20           (2)  the staff of the legislative members of the task force shall serve as staff for                          
21 the task force;                                                                                                         
22           (3)  the task force shall meet at the call of the cochairs;                                                   
23           (4)  the task force may request data and other information from the Department                                
24 of Education and Early Development;                                                                                     
25           (5)  members of the task force serve without compensation but are entitled to                                 
26 per diem and travel expenses authorized for boards and commissions under AS 39.20.180;                                  
27 and                                                                                                                     
28           (6)  the task force expires January 1, 2015.                                                                  
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