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28th Legislature(2013-2014)

Bill Text 28th Legislature

00 Enrolled SB 194                                                                                                         
01 Creating the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board; and relating to tourism marketing.                                         
02                           _______________                                                                               
03    * Section 1. AS 44.33.119 is amended to read:                                                                      
04            Sec. 44.33.119. Purposes. The purposes of AS 44.33.119 - 44.33.136                                     
05       [AS 44.33.119 - 44.33.135] are to                                                                                 
06                 (1)  encourage the expansion and growth of the state's visitor industry                                 
07       for the benefit of the citizens of the state;                                                                     
08                 (2)  ensure that the economic benefits to be derived from tourism in the                                
09       state are retained in the state, to the greatest extent possible;                                                 
10                 (3)  ensure that a maximum number of residents of the state are                                         
11       employed in the tourism industry;                                                                                 
12                 (4)  ensure that consideration is given in the development and                                          
13       implementation of the tourism program to local community goals and objectives, to                                 
01       impacts on existing private enterprises, and to impacts on recreational and subsistence                           
02       opportunities for the residents of the state;                                                                     
03                 (5)  promote the development of tourism opportunities throughout the                                    
04       state, including along the highway system of the state, the marine highway, and in                                
05       rural areas of the state.                                                                                         
06    * Sec. 2. AS 44.33.120(b) is amended to read:                                                                      
07            (b)  The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development                                         
08       shall                                                                                                             
09                 (1)  cooperate with organizations in the private sector for the promotion                               
10       and development of tourism into and within the state;                                                             
11                 (2)  coordinate with municipal, state, and federal agencies for the                                     
12       development of tourism resources in the state;                                                                    
13                 (3)  promote and develop the state's tourist industry;                                                  
14                 (4)  cooperate with the private sector and the Alaska Tourism                                       
15       Marketing Board in the planning and execution of a destination tourism marketing                              
16       campaign [UNDER AS 44.33.125] that is in the public interest;                                                     
17                 (5)  promote the development of visitor industry facilities, both in the                                
18       public sector and the private sector, through the use of state resources as appropriate;                          
19                 (6)  plan and advocate for tourism and tourism development in                                           
20       coordination with the private sector, municipalities, state, and federal agencies;                                
21                 (7)  [ADMINISTER AND EVALUATE THE TOURISM                                                               
22       MARKETING CONTRACT PROGRAM UNDER AS 44.33.125;                                                                    
23                 (8)]  administer a visitor information center located in Tok; and                                       
24                 (8) [(9)]  conduct research related to tourism.                                                     
25    * Sec. 3. AS 44.33 is amended by adding a new section to article 2 to read:                                        
26            Sec. 44.33.136. Alaska Tourism Marketing Board. (a) The Alaska Tourism                                     
27       Marketing Board is created in the Department of Commerce, Community, and                                          
28       Economic Development.                                                                                             
29            (b)  The board consists of 21 members as follows:                                                            
30                 (1)  18 members appointed by the governor who are members of the                                        
31       leading statewide nonprofit tourism association and who represent different segments                              
01       of the tourism industry and company sizes and the following regions of the state:                                 
02                      (A)  Southeast;                                                                                    
03                      (B)  Southcentral;                                                                                 
04                      (C)  Southwest;                                                                                    
05                      (D)  Interior; and                                                                                 
06                      (E)  Far North;                                                                                    
07                 (2)  the commissioner of commerce, community, and economic                                              
08       development or the commissioner's designee;                                                                       
09                 (3)  one member of the senate appointed by the president of the senate,                                 
10       who shall serve ex officio as a nonvoting member of the board; and                                                
11                 (4)  one member of the house of representatives appointed by the                                        
12       speaker of the house of representatives, who shall serve ex officio as a nonvoting                                
13       member of the board.                                                                                              
14            (c)  Before making the appointments under (b)(1) of this section, the governor                               
15       shall identify the leading statewide nonprofit tourism marketing association.                                     
16            (d)  The governor may appoint the members under (b)(1) of this section from a                                
17       list of nominees for each seat submitted by the leading statewide nonprofit tourism                               
18       marketing association. The governor may reject a list for any seat submitted under this                           
19       subsection and request that another list be submitted.                                                            
20            (e)  The term of office of a member of the board appointed under (b)(1) of this                              
21       section is three years.                                                                                           
22            (f)  The board shall annually elect a chair and vice-chair from among its                                    
23       members. Nine members of the board including at least one member representing each                                
24       region listed under (b)(1) of this section constitute a quorum. The board shall meet at                           
25       least twice a year. The chair shall set the time and place of the meeting, either on the                          
26       chair's own motion or on written request by three members of the board. The board is                              
27       encouraged to meet electronically.                                                                                
28            (g)  The members of the board do not receive a salary for service on the board.                              
29       The members of the board appointed under (b)(2) - (4) of this section are entitled to                             
30       per diem and travel expenses authorized by law for other boards and commissions                                   
31       under AS 39.20.180. The members of the board appointed under (b)(1) of this section                               
01       are not entitled to per diem or travel expenses.                                                                  
02            (h)  The board shall                                                                                         
03                 (1)  cooperate with the department to plan and execute a destination                                    
04       tourism marketing campaign that is in the public interest; and                                                    
05                 (2)  make recommendations to the department regarding tourism                                           
06       marketing.                                                                                                        
07            (i)  In this section,                                                                                        
08                 (1)  "board" means the Alaska Tourism Marketing Board;                                                  
09                 (2)  "department" means the Department of Commerce, Community,                                          
10       and Economic Development.                                                                                         
11    * Sec. 4. AS 44.66.010(a) is amended by adding a new paragraph to read:                                            
12                 (10)  Alaska Tourism Marketing Board (AS 44.33.136) - June 30,                                          
13       2018.                                                                                                             
14    * Sec. 5. AS 36.30.850(b)(38); AS 44.33.120(d), and 44.33.125 are repealed.                                        
15    * Sec. 6. The uncodified law of the State of Alaska is amended by adding a new section to                          
16 read:                                                                                                                   
17       TRANSITION: TERMS OF INITIAL APPOINTMENTS. Notwithstanding                                                        
18 AS 44.33.136, added by sec. 3 of this Act, the initial terms of the members of the Alaska                               
19 Tourism Marketing Board appointed under AS 44.33.136(b)(1), added by sec. 3 of this Act,                                
20 are as follows:                                                                                                         
21            (1)  six members serve for three years;                                                                      
22            (2)  six members serve for two years; and                                                                    
23            (3)  six members serve for one year.                                                                         
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