28th Legislature(2013-2014)

Senate LABOR & COMMERCE Committee Meeting Documents

Additional documents may be added - continue to check back.

Meeting Date-Time: 4/3/2014 3:30:00 PM
Document Name Bill or Subject
(if assigned)
CSHB 32(FIN).pdf HB 32
HB 32 Sponsor Statement.pdf HB 32
CSHB 32(FIN) Fiscal Note DCCED.PDF HB 32
CSHB 32(FIN) - Explanation of Changes.pdf HB 32
HB32 - Business License Counts_2-18-14.pdf HB 32
HB32 Letters of Support.pdf HB 32
HB 276 Bill v. U.pdf HB 276
HB 276 Sponsor Statement v. U.pdf HB 276
HB 276-Fiscal Note 0 LWF.pdf HB 276
HB 276 - Letter of Support, Alaska Auto Dealers Association.pdf HB 276
Correspondence between Auto Dealers and DOL.pdf HB 276
HB234 ver A.pdf HB 234
HB234 Sponsor Statement.pdf HB 234
HB234 Fiscal Note-DCCED-RCA-01-23-14.pdf HB 234
HB 234 Supporting Document RCA-Summary of Efforts 01-2014.pdf HB 234
HB234 Support Letter-AML.pdf HB 234
HB234 Supporting Document RCA Sunset Audit 2013.pdf HB 234

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