28th Legislature(2013-2014)

Senate RESOURCES Committee Meeting Documents

Additional documents may be added - continue to check back.

Meeting Date-Time: 2/4/2013 3:30:00 PM
Document Name Bill or Subject
(if assigned)
SB 26 Opp Letter CindyBirkhimer 2013.02.04.pdf SB 26
SB 26 Opp Letter HalShepherd 2013.02.03.pdf SB 26
SB 26 Public Testimony LisaWeissler 2013.02.04.pdf SB 26
SB 27 Support AOGA testimony 20130204.pdf 
SRES Arctic Oil and Natural Gas Potential, Energy Information Administration (Oct. 2009).pdf 
SRES B. Keithley supplemental to Feb 4 2013 hearing.pdf Oil Resources: Economic Challenges & Opportunities
SRES Maximum Sustainable Yield-FY 2014 Update, ISER (January 2013).pdf 
SRES Oil Resources- Economic Challenges & Opportunities Keithley 2013.02.04.pdf 

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