28th Legislature(2013-2014)

Senate RESOURCES Committee Meeting Documents

Additional documents may be added - continue to check back.

Meeting Date-Time: 2/8/2013 3:30:00 PM
Document Name Bill or Subject
(if assigned)
SRES BP Presentation Bilbao Digert 2013.02.08.pdf 
SRES ConocoPhillips Testimony Jepson 2013.02.08.pdf 
SRES ExxonMobil Testimony ACES - Alaska's Investment Climate Seckers 2013.02.08.pdf 
SB 26 DNR Responses to Cmte Questions 2013.02.08.pdf SB 26
SB 26 SEACC Summary-Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies 2011 2012 2013.02.07.pdf SB 26
SB 26 Supp Letter MichaelSatre Council of Alaska Producers 2013.02.07.pdf SB 26
SB 26 Water Reservation Applications By A Person 2013.02.08.pdf SB 26
SB 26 Written Testimony HalShepherd Center for Water Advocay 2013.02.06.pdf SB 26
SB 26 Written Testimony RickRogers Resource Development Council 2013.02.06.pdf SB 26

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